Multiplayer Gaming Rocks !

Stop playing against your PC, play with real people !


webworld | 21 January, 2005 02:23

These Dudes Rock @ Webworld !!< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />




RITESH ( INSANE ) and ZULFI ( ITALIAN STALLION ), played COUNTER STRIKE in a 2 x 2 format.


They played 3 rounds in Hyderabad, where they slaughtered all the local players, then went on an ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP to Bangalore, where they played 3 more rounds in the finals against Chennai and Banagalore.


They were 2nd Runner-Up, and got some kick-ass prizes.

( An EPSON printer, scanner, copier ALL-IN-ONE )



They are on their way to Gamer Stardom, and have been interviewed by the WOW Hyderabad magazine.


INSANE is generally available at the Webworld next to Mithra in Himayatnagar, and for the month of January and February 2005, he will be coaching the newbies who are training under him for the 2005 Tournament.



ITALIAN STALLION is generally available at the Webworld at Nagarjuna Circle in Punjagutta.


For all you losers who are still playing against your PC, get your butts to a Webworld and play against the "real" guys in a Multiplayer environment.


Only serious Players

webworld | 29 December, 2004 00:41

A bunch of friends ( Rahul, Shekhar, Vineet, Brazen and Vulture ) and I are serious players of Counter Strike, and we play as a clan called RuthlessKillers.

Any challengers for either CS, UT or Warcraft Frozen Throne, can meet us in the match; and we'll kick your sorry butts !! 

We're gearing up for next years WCG tournament, and our clan will slaughter all the other teams in Hyderabad !! ( including Muffles )


Counter Strike

webworld | 28 December, 2004 02:20

Hushed voices in the corridor. The click of a door-knob. < ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Gunfire. Killers. Killer instinct. Breakneck speed.

And gallons of adrenaline. Log into GAMEBOX at WebWorld

And turn your computer screen into a high-voltage gaming arena.

GAMEBOX is the Multiplayer Online Gaming service

that is available to all registered members.




Not all games are cat and mouse chases.

Nor can all game be played with keyboard and mouse.


They know how crucial it gets when you have to swerve 90 degrees

at Formula One speed.


Or when you zoom in on an enemy from the rooftop.

So they ensure that you get to play with the most suitable peripherals.



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